All benefit package sales submitted on the WEB before Monday 3:00 AM counts for the previous Friday. (All times are Eastern)

Why should you process a membership sale online?

  1. You don't have to spend your Friday afternoon submitting your sales.
  2. If it is a credit card sale and it declines you have more time to get it corrected.
  3. You will know immediately that your sale is approved.
  4. Two extra working days to top off that "10 and 10".

How to submit your benefit package sales online

Please enter the application on line before faxing or emailing it into the corporate office to avoid double charging the customer's credit card.

After reading these instructions and Helpful Hints, click "Continue" at the bottom of the page.

Choose the form of payment.

Read down the page and fill in the blanks, you can use the "Tab key" between fields. The "Enter key" will not work. Be sure to review your work.

PLEASE FAX OR EMAIL AS SOON AS POSSIBLE the SIGNED, "Membership Agreement," "Independent Marketing Director Application/Agreement," "Disclosure of Policies and Procedures" and receipt to 954-584-5996 or This must be sent prior to Monday 3:15 a.m. EST, in order to count for the business ending date processed. Please do not hold the applications it will delay the application from being processed in a timely manner and the Welcome Package from being sent. Problem applications will be posted to genealogy if received before 3 p.m. and will have until Tuesday 3 p.m. to fix in order to count for previous week's business.

Helpful Hints


  2. VERY IMPORTANT: If you do not want it counted for the previous Friday, process your sale on Monday. Posting dates are firm.

  3. If you entered an application online on Friday, and you want it to post that day, the application must be faxed or emailed to Team National by 3:00 pm EST that Friday. Applications sent or entered online after 3:00 pm on Friday will be processed on the next business day.

  4. If you would like the sale to be placed above a pre-existing sale made during the same week. Draw a diagram of the correct organization structure and fax it in with the sale. Check genealogy for correction 24 hours later.

  5. Please check your genealogy after 24 hours, only call if your sale has not posted to your genealogy.

  6. What to do if a credit card sale declines.
    Do not fax it to the company, it will decline for us also. (You may fax the IMD & Disclosure to secure the position).
    Do not try it again it will not work until you contact the purchaser and have them clear the issue with their credit company. Have them remove any security limits and fraud protection the credit card company has on the card. Once they clear the funds you will have a four-hour window to try again. After 2nd decline, seek a different form of payment.

  7. What to do if your computer "locks up" during processing.
    There is a duplicate social security and duplicate credit card validation programmed into the system. This keeps duplicate charges from occurring. Simply shut down your computer and turn it back on. Re-connect and try it again. If after processing the application again you get a "duplicate IMD" response (meaning it was charged the first time), print this response out and fax it in with the application. If after processing the application again you get a receipt (meaning it was not charged the first time), print this response out and fax it in with the application.

  8. Copy these instructions and give them to your organization. This is a very powerful and easy tool to use.

  9. For additional information please see our Frequently Asked Questions

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